Employment requirements for positions with Experience Travel: A Healthcare Staffing Agency vary between positions, but all must have an active nursing license or certificate, one year of current acute-care experience, a valid social security card, a current CPR card (must be American Heart), a valid driver's license, facility-specific health documents, and additional discipline or specific certifications.

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Nursing License or CertificateNursing License or Certificate
Acute-Care Nursing ExperienceAcute-Care Nursing Experience
Valid Social Security CardValid Social Security Card
American Heart CPR American Heart CPR
Facility Specific Health Documents for NursingFacility Specific Health Documents for Nursing
Valid Driver's LicenseValid Driver's License
Additional Nursing CertificationAdditional Nursing Certification
  1. One year of current, acute-care experience
  2. Active nursing license or certificate
  3. Must have valid social security card
  4. Current CPR card (must be American Heart)
  5. Must have valid driver's license
  6. Facility-specific health documents
  7. Additional discipline or certification

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